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Learn how to promote tourism conserving the natural and cultural heritage.

Module 1: Key Concepts In Responsible Tourism And Heritage Protection

This module includes four lessons on the following topics:

  • What is sustainable and responsible tourism, cultural heritage protection, networking, participated development reciprocal benefit and linkages;
  • International conventions and agreements;
  • The Role of Tourism in increasing the integration of nations and the realization of friendship and global peace.

4 lessons

Module 2: Networking For Responsible Cultural Tourism

This module includes 4 lessons to cover the following topics:

  • Multi levels and network typologies, how and why of establishing networks, networking initiatives in Iran contributing to Responsible Tourism, networking best practices in Europe;
  • Tools for cultural heritage and tourism resource mapping;
  • Establishing network communication, criticality, enhancement and attractiveness, assessing stakeholder engagement in networks;
  • Indicators, evaluation criteria and methodologies for network evaluation; Resolution of critical issues arising from the analysis of the collection of results;

5 lessons

Module 3: Key Cultural, Historical, Environmental Drivers Of Sustainable Tourism In Iran

This modules includes five lessons on the following topics:

  • Key elements which characterize Iranian tourism;
  • Various ancient networks in Iran;
  • Responsible Tourism Resources in target provinces of Khorasan, Fars, Bushehr, Golestan, Hormozgan;

5 lessons

Module 4: Public Awareness Building For Responsible Cultural Tourism

This module includes six lessons on the following topics:

  • Define outcomes, study audience preferences and segmentations, assess audience awareness levels, select appropriate communication tools, key messages;
  • Define content, social networks, engage with local stakeholders and actors (private and govt.), champions amongst target audience;
  • Knowledge about how the tourism industry will pick up the threads of tourism after the long gap of declining tourism due to the pandemic;
  • Explore social media and online platforms to reach wider audience, participation of target groups;

7 lessons

Module 5: Participatory Local Development: Designing Responsible Cultural Tourism Policies, Strategies And Plans

This module includes five lessons on the following topics:

  • Applying Kotters 8 step change model to participatory process of policy dialogue, building co-ownership through dialogue, establishing horizontal and vertical linkages;
  • Analysis of current heritage protection and tourism policies and agreements in Iran and globally (incl. UNESCO);
  • Steps in engaging and monitoring communities, civil society and private sector, CSO role in research and informing policies;
  • Building community awareness and engagement to inform policies and plans;

4 lessons

Module 6: Branding And Marketing Responsible Cultural Tourism

This module includes seven lessons on the following topics:

  • Analyzing responsible tourism at source and destination, define brand target audience and motivations, offered products/ services, finding your niche;
  • Brand development, brand mission statement, key slogans and messages, stories, visuals, identify markets, customer, destination preferences;
  • Marketing principles, transforming cultural heritage into a tourist offer, and reaching markets, itineraries and tour packages;
  • LA engagement with CSOs. The relevance of local stakeholders’ involvement;
  • Analyzing tourism at source and destination, effective visitor information services, supporting brand to target appropriate visitor markets;
  • Tourist feedbacks, product experience added value, social and media channel/platforms, online teasers, social ambassadors, satisfaction surveys.

5 lessons

Training for tourism businesses in Iran

This is a special module for businesses (in particular, for tour operators and tourism suppliers) who want to improve their sustainable and responsible activities in the tourism sector. This part is divided in 6 lessons:
A – Understanding sustainability and the sustainability trends in travel
B – How to become a sustainable tourism business
C – Integrating sustainability into businesses
D – ICT Tools for Sustainable Tourism
E – How to create a Tour Package
F – The supply chain of a Tour Package

6 lessons


The Project

Promoting Responsible Tourism for Heritage Protection and Sustainable Development in Iran is a project co-founded by the European Commission with a view to expanding economic opportunities in four provinces of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Golestan, Khorasan Razavi, Fars, Hormozgan and Bushehr).

The partnership is composed of Atlantide (Lead Applicant), Consorzio Itaca, NECOS, Geofilos, Marefat Pardis Toos and Plan for the Land.

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